Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Another past project that I am making some progress on now. This model is based on a illustration by Carl Greatrix at Cartooncars.com. James will be thrilled.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Under the Sea Update

Quick update to the sub, I molded a quick canopy, the final will be clearer.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The second figure based on work by Guy Francis, titled "Escape".....

I will eventually create the cell also....but here he is thus far.

Under the Sea

One of my favorite artists, Guy Francis, takes part in Illustration Friday(if you dont what this is see my links) on a regular basis and I find myself laughing out loud every week he posts. His drawings have such great character and subtle emotion that interpreting them in 3D can be a challenge(the fun part) With his permission I started work on what I hope will be a series of figs. Here is the original art.......

And my(unfinished) interpretation

Wow Dog and Cat

I love the challenge of taking very two dimensional characters and interpreting them in 3 dimensions. These two sculpts are a few years old but I wanted them on the blog. Based on work by an artist from the UK(Dave Kurtz-Williams) these two were hard modeled in urethane foam.

The Beginning

I have drawn since I was young and sculpted and on and off for close to ten years now, and have found myself not being as productive as I would like. As such I am starting this blog to push my productivity and showcase my work. I am a model maker by trade and am currently working for a school in Seattle supervising a student shop. So here goes please feel free to leave comments and I hope you enjoy.......