Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Almost finished with this sculpt but it got put aside for a bit because I am finishing up the other two sculpts. This piece was inspired by Andy Bergholtz three pirate busts here. (checkout the other two in his gallery) My plan is to do three cowboy busts with two desperadoes and their gang leader. Stinkeye is one of the side kicks with Skinny Pete and Black Bart yet to come. I still have to add some hair, accessories(pistols etc...) and put the finishing touches then its in to the mold. Thought........quips.......etc.....?

Small Sub Update

Added rivets around the canopy and the nose bubble with the trim. The tail is ready for molding and the first arm just needs the joint and actuator. The second arms pieces are done just need to be assembled. I am not sure about the thickness on the hands, I am very close to the original art but I am not sure if it looks in scale.....what do you think?

Escape Update

Finally an update to "Escape", now I just need to finish the hands and cell. Been flipping back and forth between this and the sub. Unfortunately he sat in the oven a few minutes too long but it shouldnt effect the final result. I had to make some changes to the face, I added some length and moved one of the eyes(its amazing what you can do when you have a pair of calipers) but in the end it made a big difference. I feel I finally captured the look of the original character.